30 Days Until the Model Leaves the Nest

There are only 31 days left! It has been more than ten years since my eight year old walked into my bedroom and announced that she wanted to be a supermodel after watching a documentary about Naomi Campbell. Now, she is packing and searching for an apartment in New York City and deciding if Brooklyn, Manhattan or Queens is the best part of the city for her. This is an exciting time for me because I have traveled this journey right by her side through the years in preparation for this time. The only problem is I am scared to death! Sending your child from a familiar southern suburban community to the BIG apple is slightly traumatic no matter how long you have prepared. Like most parents, I am trying to pretend as if I am completely confident and not worried at all about the ensuing voyage but my heart quivers a bit every time I think about the coming day – November 1, 2014.


For the next 31 days I will be sharing my joy and tears as my daughter, model and muse prepares to move to the fashion capital to pursue her dreams and chase supermodeldom. I am trying to remember why I encouraged this path when she initially professed her desires. A nice local university looks much more appealing now that we are here!


I am now tasked with figuring out how to continue doing this job from a distance. What exactly will I be doing with my time now she is moving 1600 miles away? The last eight years have been spent portfolio building, driving to Go-Sees, attending fashion shows, booking photo shoots, wardrobe styling, website developing, coaching, managing, mentoring and learning everything possible about the modeling industry. It is certainly going to make arguing in the car on the way to fashion shows more difficult!


We didn’t get here by walking along a beach and some scout spotting her and whisking her off to Milan. We have worked very hard to get where we are now. There has been significant time and financial investment in the pursuit of “the dream”. Some people don’t look at modeling as requiring a skill or talent like acting, singing or dancing. They view modeling as just being born tall, slender and beautiful. For some this may be the case, but for many models it has been a labor of love to achieve their level of success and that didn’t start at age 19. Just like a seasoned athlete, it started at age 12 or even younger.


It is now my mission to tell others what they can do to prepare their aspiring model for a career in this industry. So much more is involved than just taking your child through the doors of an agency and “signing them up.” I hope to save you some time, resources, worry and heart ache by sharing my experience as a momager. You can also experience my role as I evolve with new distance constraints. Every model had a manager before they hired a manager. The REAL Managers of Models starts with their mom (or dad).



  1. Kudos, Congrats and Hooray to you! Excited to follow the journey of both you and The Model. Prayers for the journey!


  2. I’m so happy for both of you and the path this journey has taken you both down. I know fantastic things are coming! Your children are blessed to have all your undying support and love, I tip my hat to you

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